Register and check-in-on line at the comfort of home or anywhere you have a computer! Why wait at the clinic if you can wait anywhere else you would rather be before you get to the exam room?

After you have checked in, we will call you to confirm your information and call you when your turn is up.  It is like call-ahead-seating at your favorite restaurant! Once you arrive at the clinic, we will have a few documents for you to sign. We will need to make copies of your picture ID and insurance card.

Print out the documents now and fill them out before you arrive to save time.


Check in Online


Check in Online


Check in Online


About Web Check In

    • Web Check In is not an appointment.
    • It is a way for you to check in without waiting in the clinic.
    • You can not check in a day ahead or in the morning for an afternoon appointment.
    • You can not check in when the clinic is closed.
    • When you need to be seen you can either come to the clinic or check in on line, and then if there is a wait, you can wait in the clinic or elsewhere.
    • When your turn to be seen is within the next 20 minutes, you will be called to come to the clinic.