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Doc, I got a question.

Do I have the flu?
The typical symptoms of the flu are Moderate to high fever, runny nose and a feeling like you have been run over by Mack truck.  That being said, you can still have the flu with milder symptoms.  The best way to tell is by a flu test.  You can have a fast test (about 10 minutes) done in the office.  The reason you would want to know is because there is treatment to get you better faster, but it needs to start in 24-48 hours to be beneficial.

Is this Chest pain bad?
If you have chest pain that makes you short of breath, goes into your arm or jaw, makes you sweat, makes you anxious or if you have certain risk factors (prior heart disease, family history of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes or have been told you have other risk factors for heart disease), You need to call 911.  If you are not sure call 911 if you cannot get a hold of your doctor within minutes.  Heart disease is the #1 killer for both men and women.

What about the Heat?
You can get heat exhaustion even if it seemingly fair and not hot weather.  If you feel hot, dizzy, clammy, stop sweating or have muscle cramps go inside in the AC and call your doctor.  Drink lots of fluids.  If you get nauseated or vomit get medical help right away.  If you ignore this it could become a heat stroke, which can lead to a worse outcome.  Some of the symptoms of a heat stroke is fever, cramping, fast heart rate, confusion, irritable, hallucinations, coma, breathing fast, muscle pain and not urinating.  Heat stroke is life threatening.

Do I need stitches?
If you ask this question, you probably need to have it looked at by a medical professional.  Most cuts or lacerations can be fixed at any Urgent Doc.  If you see bones broken or tendons cut, we will refer you to a proper specialist.  If you are bleeding a lot go to the emergency room.  Make sure you get your Tetanus updated even if you don’t think you need stitches.

Do I need an X-ray?
This is always a tough question to answer without examining the injury.  When we determine whether an X-ray is needed, we consider the injury type, structure that is injured and the risk versus benefit of doing an X-ray.

Community Involvement
Urgent Doc feels privileged and a sense of responsibility to support the community.  There are many causes to support, and whatever we do never seems to be enough.  However, if we can contribute part of our blessings toward helping and enriching lives in our community, we have been blessed as well.   We try to be diverse in areas of our support.